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Film And Media Virtual Learning Environment For Schools and Universities

Improve results, enhance learning experience and save time with our cost-effective film and media Virtual Learning Environment.

Reference libraries, tutorials, testing, students’ films, message boards, calendars and admin… all in one app or browser window!

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Virtual Learning Environment For Film And Media Teachers

Film and media teachers and tutors save time and boost their students’ results with our Virtual Learning Environment.

Quickclass shares custom tutorials with in-app-assessments, through message boards also embedded with reference and student films, as well as dozens of curriculum compliant pre-loaded tutorials.

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Virtual Learning Environment For Independent Film and media Learners

Deepen your understanding of Film Theory and History, as well as the practical skills required to write, shoot and edit your own films with our learning platform and app.

Test your knowledge as you work through extensive materials and track your progress with badges earned.

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GekkoGum GekkoGum is an all-purpose adhesive designed especially for filmmakers. It can be used to stick a GoPro or even

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Quinn Shephard is a remarkable filmmaker. But she’s only made one film. At the age of just 15, Quinn- still

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Shot/reverse shot Shot/reverse shot is as basic as it gets. It’s probably one of the best recognised shots of all,