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In : FilmMaking Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 07 Feb 2017

Not that Quickclass would ever condone this sort of treatment of our beloved feline friends, but a Nottingham smartphone filmmaker has caught this rather surprising (and slightly hilarious) insight into one man’s efforts not to leave his cat home alone!

Very sweet or something to contact the RSPCA about… you be the judge.

On a slightly less cruel and more film-relevant note, let’s take a moment to consider camera orientation and the modern smartphone filmmaker…

There has never been a bigger boost to the POPULATION of global filmmakers than the last decade’s smartphone explosion, which has endowed the pockets of hundreds of millions around the planet with top-notch 4K footage-capturing cameras.  This empowerment (and massive video files) has led humanity to create more ‘data’ by volume in the last couple of years than in the preceding 10,000, i.e. ALL of it!

Whilst empowering and greatly improving our potential to document our lives and the world around us… BUT without the absolute basics of filmmaking tuition, the average new owner of a super-specced smartphone is likely to commit a highly basic error regarding their image orientation….

Most people use their 9:16 ratio’d screens (yes 9:16, horizontal dimension first, vertical second) in an upright, portrait manner.  For browsing, tweeting, mailing, navigating, whatsapping… this makes sense, and the Apps have been optimised for this way of holding our devices.

This is unmatched by the best way to shoot film.  Consider of our cinema, TV, and computer screens…  All wider than tall to reflect our horizontal interpretation of a gravity-laden planet.  Look around you, folks, its a horizontal world out there!

So Quickclass strongly endorses one of the first rules of the game in our brave new world of filmmaking, and this is definitely one to start your students off with:

When you fire up that camera App to capture the furious cat in a backpack on the street in front of you, imagine what a FULLER and RICHER view of the world you’re creating for the army of viral cat clip fans when you turn your smartphone ON ITS ‘SIDE’!

(Rant over. Thanks for reading.)

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