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In : About Quickclass Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 23 Oct 2017

Bournemouth University’s Film team are in some ways victims of their own success.  In the last 2 years, word of their excellent BA (Hons) Film course has doubled fresher intake to 120 students.

One major challenge in this situation becomes: how can faculty staff continue to offer highly personalised and appropriate tuition for each and every undergraduate?  How can they ensure students  find the curriculum demanding and engaging when many come from different educational backgrounds?

And how can they make each interaction with every student more valuable,  at a time when students face increasing sensitivity to the fees that they pay for tuition?

Many of Bournemouth’s intake, surprisingly, might not have taken a Film and Media A-level or BTEC.  A non-vocational subject like film means creative spirits from all backgrounds are welcome as long as they produce a highly-convincing argument for being admitted, and have decent A-levels from a whole range of subjects.

Working closely with  the Film Programme Leader, Dr James Fair, Quickclass has created a Quiz tool which allows faculty members to put together ad-hoc short tests of student knowledge of their subject in less than a minute in what they have described as ‘the easiest VLE they have ever used’.  Student’s receive the quizzes through a dedicated, ad-free, privacy-assured personal learning app on their iOS or Android Smartphones and can be quizzed anytime, anywhere.

This ‘pre-assessment’ Quiz helps on multiple fronts. Firstly it helps the students recognise what they do and don’t know. Scoring poorly on the test highlights that they need to put a little more time into their studies. Secondly, it helps the staff shape the curriculum to devote time on the weaker areas of knowledge.

Flexibility is the key.  A lecturer  can decide to create a 30 minute Quiz testing everything about Practical Filmmaking, or a 3 minute Quiz on French New Wave. They can ask their students to complete the Quiz together simultaneously in class or independently over the weekend.  The App ensures all students received the same questions but in a random order, so attempting collusion is pointless.  Quizzes are set a time limit as well, so whether a weekend Quiz is taken Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon, everyone has exactly the same amount of time to be Quizzed.

Results are delivered to lecturers instantaneously as soon as the Quiz’s end time expires, and not only can the entire spectrum of results for each student be examined but also areas that the entire group might be struggling with can be quickly highlighted.

The real beauty is not only that Quizzes can be deployed frequently without requiring more than a minute’s preparation for teachers, but also that long term improvements in results can be monitored and provide clear evidence of learning and a steadily rising grasp of the subject throughout a student group of any size.

Bournemouth’s Film team and Quickclass will work closely to refine this new hyper-convenient and useful Quiz tool.  We’ll together update you monthly on progress throughout this academic year, not only on Quizzes, but also other uses that Bournemouth finds for the steadily growing range of tools Quickclass can offer for all their teaching challenges and their student’s learning needs.

In : About Quickclass Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 03 Jul 2016

Quickclass is delighted to share today a refreshed logo and aesthetic on a brand new website designed to introduce Teachers, Learners and Institutions to our All-in-one Film and Media VLE Service.

In particular, the ability to create a Starter Account via a ‘Try the App for Free’ form available all over the site means interested potential new users can now get onto the App, look around, and try it out more easily than ever before.

A great deal of care has been taken in revamping our social media and search settings to allow more educators and learners to find us easily, and this will coincide with the launch of a monthly newsletter to introduce the most useful new features and share success stories from our users.

The site is designed to be totally responsive as well, so for the first time, a future Member can visit, signup, and get started in the app, without having to register via a desktop browser first, which for a mobile-first Virtual Learning Platform (VLE) is now essential.

We hope you like the look and functionality of our new site, and find it simple to find the details that show Quickclass to be the best VLE available for your film and media learning. Have a look around and thanks for your visit.