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In : Movies Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 13 Feb 2018

Just as we’ve fully recovered from the Holidays, along comes the world throwing us another special day to celebrate!  Here are cinematic survival tips for singles as well as betrothed – all available to stream from Netflix – to celebrate the love, no matter the state of our personal relationships!  (We at Quickclass hope they’re good and you have someone to enjoy at least one of the films below with!)

Here are our Top 10 Films to ultimately melt our hearts…

  1. The 40 Year Old Virgin – Odd place to start perhaps, but the musical ending is almost worth watching the entire film for all by itself. Its ridiculous, hilarious and ultimately kind-spirited enough to win our hearts over!
  1. When Harry Met Sally – from when life was simpler. Billy Crystal was hilarious and charming and before Meg Ryan did… oh, we know what she did. (WHY Meg?!?)  Timeless charm and the famous Katz’s Diner orgasm still makes us laugh.
  1. Tramps – A low-profile Netflix original including a couple of criminals thrown together in pursuit of a missing suitcase, this actually feels authentic from the start and is a winner in the end.
  1. La La Land – Last year’s Oscar success was actually a love letter to Hollywood – which perhaps explains why it did so well… Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling create musical sparks on–screen and its impossible not to be drawn in by the end.
  1. The Lunchbox – A charming mix-up film from India, where lunchboxes are often transported from home to meet the breadwinner for lunchtime. Swapped lunches lead to a charming new relationship blossoming in this unlikely but highly satisfying romp.
  1. Blue is the Warmest Colour – Its Love Jim, but not as we know it. A gorgeously rendered, if not in places highly explicit exploration of coming of age love between two young French women which bagged the Palm d’Or. Beautifully acted and genuine feeling, at three hours, its long but well worth the time.
  1. Notting Hill – Richard Curtis had to be in here somewhere didn’t he? This follow-up to Four Weddings succeeded because of some genuine chemistry between Hugh and Julia, and the worlds craziest flatmate for good measure.
  1. The Way He Looks – Brazil is known for its hot-blooded passion around the world, right? (it’s Carnival soon!!!) Well, this coming of age story about a visually-impared teenager coming to terms with his sexuality might not have been what you were expecting, but it’ll melt your heart more thoroughly than any samba.
  1. Love Actually – Alright, Richard Curtis again, but with multi-streams of relationship stories and definitely the lighter side of the subjects of Love and Romance, its an easy, entertaining watch for couples wanting some light romantic relief on the day itself.
  1. Groundhog Day – Gotcha! You may not have been expecting this near-perfect film on this list, but ultimately what motivates Bill Murray to seek out and become the very best version of himself is his unrequented love for Andie McDowell.  An unusual love story to say the least, but is there really NOT an occasion to revisit Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania for this most life-affirming of classics?

If you can’t find something to light up your heart from this list, please get in touch – we have a great relationship counsellor that you might do well to get in touch with.

Happy Valentine’s!!!