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In : News Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 04 Apr 2017

The Avengers have been Movie GOLD for Marvel Films (owed by Content Behemoth Disney), and has provided the proof of concept of the Endless Series Universe, the idea that sequels in a successful series can run practically forever.

Not only has this worked amazingly so far for Marvel with its IronMan, Avengers, Thor and Captain America streams of major blockbusters, but has also inspired studios to repeat the formula most notably with the Star Wars universe (now 8 films and counting, with a new mega-release planned for every year from now until… well, forever.

One wannabe contender in the movie universe game which has so far experienced a shaky start with this strategy is DC Comics, Marvel’s big rival. With Superman and Batman as two of the best known characters in movieland – success is practically a foregone conclusion, right?

Well, it might have been until Zack Snyder was recruited for 2016’s bleak and messy Batman v Superman which was critically panned although a Box Office success, just. The opening gambit of the ‘Justice League’ universe set a dark and difficult direction for this series… and opened the door for the following mockery, faithfully reprinted here from the Onion:

DC Executive Worried Batgirl Script Not Interesting Enough To Be Movie, 3 More Movies, 2028 Reboot And 4 More Movies

BURBANK, CA—While giving creative notes on the screenplay in a Friday meeting, DC Comics president Geoff Johns reportedly said he was concerned that a recent draft of the Batgirl: Origins script was not compelling enough to support a movie, three more movies, a 2028 reboot, and four additional movies. “Frankly, I just don’t see this having the legs to carry a feature film, a follow-up trilogy, a video game franchise, and then another prequel trilogy,” Johns said, adding that while the script’s first act “definitely works,” he worried the narrative would drag when stretched to a full 90-minute runtime, several more 90-minute runtimes, and a dozen more 50-minute runtimes as part of the Netflix tie-in series. “I’m just worried this starts running out of steam well before the end of the movie, the comic book adaptation, and the standalone spinoff movies telling the Huntress’s backstory. If a narrative can’t even sustain a single movie and a Lego set, let alone more than one syndicated animated series, maybe it needs some heavy revisions.” At press time, DC executives had decided to ask for a total rewrite after concluding villain Killer Moth was not an interesting enough antagonist to hold people’s interest for two hours and the length of several Six Flags roller coasters.


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