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In : News Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 22 Aug 2016

Whilst the vast majority of teachers appreciate how essential technology has become in their classrooms, especially in film and media related courses, with this has come an increasingly complex minefield of options to best utilise technology for the benefits of learning. As Jahana Hayes, the 2016 National Teacher of the Year (Connecticut, USA) succinctly puts it:

“Technology has changed teaching. You have access to unlimited resources that are right at your fingertips. And one of the challenges we have at my school is that we can’t keep up with technology. Oftentimes, my students are walking me through programs that our IT department hasn’t even gotten yet. We purchase computers or equipment, and two years later, it’s outdated.”

What can you do to ensure that the technologies you choose will not only enhance learning, but also be future-proofed to a degree that you don’t have to start from scratch again two years later? In Jahana’s experience, the answer lies in solutions which outsource the technology questions to the specialists and free up time and effort to focus on the most important tasks – namely teaching and coaching. She continues:

“I think a better use of our resources would be to partner with industries that can afford to keep up with technology. But teaching does not look like what it did five years ago. I can take my kids on a tour of the Smithsonian from my classroom; I can Skype into another educator’s classroom and share resources or watch them teach.

The key seems to be in recognising what your own strengths are (namely how to best coach students’ learning through your subject), and rely on trusted providers to constantly update and improve the tools and technologies that will help you in that mission, without getting bogged down in having to piece all those tools and technologies together yourself.

source: EdSurge

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