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In : News Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 12 Sep 2016

With the new academic year starting in schools, and all the excitement and anticipation that brings, its a great moment to plan creatively how to hit the ground running with your students.

One great exercise that is sure to break the ice, get your classes back into the swing of just being there again, and also capitalise on the excitement that they’re coming in fresh from holidays is the Summer Summary. Assign each student the task of creating a 60-second film which best captures what their summer was like. They can use films they shot on their smartphones, photos of where they went and even their ‘song of the summer’. Upload all the resulting films to a platform the whole class can celebrate and share with family and friends.

Returning to school will be far less dramatic if it can become an immediate celebration of time off, while also getting students back into the mindset of learning by doing in groups in class again!

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