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In : FilmMaking Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 21 Nov 2017

Its no secret here at Quickclass, we’re a digitally saavy bunch, constantly searching for and developing tools and features to improve the lives of educators and accelerating their learners’ mastery of their subjects.

This doesn’t mean to say that we don’t recognise the importance of ‘pre-digital’ skills like writing, building sets or performing… all of which have existed for thousands of years before the advent of the digital gadgetry that’s pervaded our modern lives.

In fact filmmaking, from its earliest days, has always been a necessary marriage between the very latest technology of the day and skills that came from theatre and more traditional trades stretching to the dawn of civilisation.

One skill that can not be overstated in importance on a practical level is the ability to tie a KNOT!  Yeap, that’s right, the skill to manipulate ropes in ways that can bind remote objects, support bulky weights, hold things in place or host things into the air are ESSENTIAL on any filmset of minimal sophistication.

The gurus at Premium Beat filmmaking site have taken the mystery and complexity out of 4 essential and extremely useful knot configurations for our viewing and learning pleasure.  From the Bowline, to the Trucker’s Hitch, via the Clove Hitch and the Double Sheet Bend, the four knots you have to know are not only described for their individual uses, but are demonstrated for you to easily copy and learn them yourself!

So, arm yourself with millenia-old technology that can do just as much to enhance your set craft as knowing how to operate a camera or direct an actor’s performance.  Solid knot skills will definitely spill from filmmaking into many unexpected other areas of your life, so learn something new on Premium Beat’s excellent tutorial below!

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