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In : About Quickclass Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 03 Jul 2016

Quickclass is delighted to share today a refreshed logo and aesthetic on a brand new website designed to introduce Teachers, Learners and Institutions to our All-in-one Film and Media VLE Service.

In particular, the ability to create a Starter Account via a ‘Try the App for Free’ form available all over the site means interested potential new users can now get onto the App, look around, and try it out more easily than ever before.

A great deal of care has been taken in revamping our social media and search settings to allow more educators and learners to find us easily, and this will coincide with the launch of a monthly newsletter to introduce the most useful new features and share success stories from our users.

The site is designed to be totally responsive as well, so for the first time, a future Member can visit, signup, and get started in the app, without having to register via a desktop browser first, which for a mobile-first Virtual Learning Platform (VLE) is now essential.

We hope you like the look and functionality of our new site, and find it simple to find the details that show Quickclass to be the best VLE available for your film and media learning. Have a look around and thanks for your visit.

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