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In : FilmMaking Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 16 Jan 2017

Gone are the days where smartphone cameras would take grainy, out-of-focus snaps that only worked under the midday sun. With the advent of high quality cameras in our smartphones, however this is a thing of the past, and an entire industry has popped up in support of giving smartphone photography accessories to make it even better.

The iPhone has always been the frontrunner with camera quality, and the iPhone 7 is no exception with its unique and buzz generating dual camera system that has separate lenses for wide-angle and telephoto pictures. Now it’s been out in the wilds for a little while, the folks at KAMERAR are the first to bring third party accessories to the table with a dual lens, snap on lens kit. It looks like something that any budding photographer, or film-maker for that matter, will want to get their hands on.

Called the Kamerar ZOOM lens kit, it features:

  • A snap on mounting case that also acts as a protective case for the phone,
  • A Fisheye/Telephoto combo lens
  • A Macro lens that uses both of the cameras to take high quality Macro shots

The cool thing is that you don’t need any glue or special mounting points on the phone to attach the lenses a la the iPhone 6. Instead there’s a slot which the lenses slide into and lock into place, which then means you can change them in a matter of moments. This, obviously, expands the already wide possibilities of the iPhone 7’s photo capabilities, but, it also allows it to become quite a viable little film camera too.

Youtube link to the product demo ad:

With the ability to snap lenses on and off quickly, the Kamarer Zoom bring a huge range of potential visual options at your fingertips and a real ability to push your smartphone film-making to the next level. Imagine being able to switch between a wide angle fish eye shot and a close-up macro within just a couple of seconds, and the creative possibilities that brings. All of this, and only $45.

As, however, this is the first accessory of its kind to use the dual camera system, it might be worth waiting to see how other manufacturers approach the problem. Still, it’s an interesting step towards empowering budding film-makers with many of the tools that used to be so far out of their reach due to price and bulk, and it’s almost a guarantee that sooner rather than later, someone will be using this kit to make something that most of us never even thought possible.

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