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In : News Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 22 Aug 2016

Ever wondered what it’s like to race straight up a tree trunk like our bushy-tailed vertigo-free friends? Or maybe how leaping fearlessly from branch to branch, nut in mouth, appears from a squirrel’s perspective?

Hilariously, in another twist in the tail (sic) of amazingly robust, miniature and affordable new camera technology, a filmmaker’s GoPro camera was grabbed by a four-legged aspiring filmmaker and we’re taken on a magical ride into the over-growth in this charming short posted from Quebec, Canada.

This animal-human joint production can be great inspiration for young filmmakers to think about innovative ways to use ever smaller, higher-resolution and affordable cameras. What unique angles and perspectives can students and their pets capture using modern camera equipment? How can these experimental productions teach about the possibilities of short flights of story-telling? What other inspiring exercises can you set for learners to begin to fully experience the endless possibilities that film offers them?

Source: NY Daily News

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