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In : FilmMaking Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 15 May 2017


GekkoGum is an all-purpose adhesive designed especially for filmmakers. It can be used to stick a GoPro or even a phone to almost any surface, and is surprisingly strong considering how it just looks like Blu Tac. It’s called GekkoGum because- supposedly- it bonds to surfaces tighter than a gecko’s foot pads.

This one really is hot off the presses– it’s only recently been Kickstarted. But when it hits the market, it won’t cost that much more than £15, so it’s great for learners on a budget.

Joby’s GripTight Stands

For filmmakers who want something a little more stable, and maybe a little less sticky, Joby’s GripTight stands are perfect. These little stands are beautifully reminiscent of the strange tripod-walkers from War of the Worlds, but they’re bite sized so far less threatening.

The great thing about these little stands is that they are so cheap for the functionality you get, at just £20 or even less! They fit almost any phone with the adjustable mount, and can sit on any surface with their adjustable legs. For students working with a virtual film teaching app, it’s perfect for learning on the go and framing professional-looking shots with just an iPhone or Android phone.

The ‘Golden Hour’ App

For anyone who doesn’t know, the ‘golden hour’ comes twice a day. It tells you exactly when to get out and shoot photos and film at the perfect time for beautiful lighting. Again, this is perfect for students learning through a virtual film teaching app, since it means they can completely organise shoots with their phones. I wish we could have had tools like these that back when I was enroled at filmschool…

Adobe Premiere Clip

Did you think that GripTight stands were cheap? Well Adobe Premiere Clip is a free video editing app with loads of the functionality that Adobe offer on more powerful PC versions of the software. It’s perfect if you need to teach online filmmaking, because it’s available to everybody. It’s the perfect playground, and you can start editing with it for free!

Students can then upload their creations to Adobe’s CreativeCloud, and carry on their work on Adobe’s flagship PC software

Hague PS2 Phone Steadymount

If you want to kick it up a gear, you can make your creations look completely professional with just a cheap steady mount. These have been common in the industry for years, but with the advent of smartphones and (relatively) cheap DSLRs, even amateur filmmakers can make use of them!

The Hague PS2 Phone Steadymount comes with handles on each side, so that your films won’t have any of the jitters that you get with handholding your phone. This is a basic entry, so it only clocks in at £24; but there are plenty out there that automatically stabilise themselves, although they can run into the thousands.