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In : News Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 12 Sep 2016

With Teresa May’s government making moves this week to turn back the clock on comprehensive secondary education with the return of Grammar Schools, the ensuing controversy has been revealing as to where the new government really sits on social equality. The reintroduction of a tiered system means the pressure to prove oneself aged 11, and feel the consequences for the rest of one’s life. This is in stark contrast to not only the equal education strived towards by all policies the UK has been moving towards since Grammar schools started to fall from favour 50 years ago, but also contradicts the Prime Minister’s own assurances that her government would be for ALL the British people.

If re-introducing policies that are like to do exactly the opposite of stated aims of reducing inequality in society is the PM’s way of governing for ALL the country’s people, the outcome of a minority of winners continuing to reap most of the rewards of modern society, while the rest fall further behind will be the wholly predictable outcome of this change. The question is, how effectively will a down-beaten post-Brexit progressive voice be able to muster in opposition to this elitist turning back of the clock?

Quickclass stands for the level playing field that a truly equitable education system should provide, and is striving to create learning tools that allow the brightest as well as the not so bright YET to all learn at their own pace and to a level that is ideally challenging for each individual.