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In : News Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 12 Sep 2016

Nearing ubiquity, smartphone adoption is rapidly reaching saturation in many countries as the allure of these supercomputers in our pockets grows too strong for even the most determined Luddite to resist. The world finds itself with over 2 billion smartphone users this year.

At the same time, even mighty Apple’s rate of innovation seems to slow as successive generations of smartphones grow unimaginably powerful but with fewer and fewer genuinely ‘new’ features each year. (in fact they’re now taking features away!)

What smartphones actually mean is mobile internet use, which has rocketed in line with handset numbers. Following in the wake of this technical revolution has been a explosion of new possibilities of what we can access, manage and learn from our pockets. This last activity in particular is an area where educators are waking up and pressing ahead with adopting tools and changes to work practises which is transforming learning.

With 67% of organisations now offering mobile learning in some form, and 37% providing touch screen devices of some sort for learning and development, the rate of adoption and therefore transformation of how, where and when learning happens is lightning paced. Educators in businesses and schools are realising the digital wonders in students pockets are perfect accompaniments and enablers to: flipped classrooms, learning on the go, individualised courses and learning rates, and microlearning. Cloud-based teacher-created content now has the perfect conduit to be published through – with ALL the other knowledge needed for courses.

mLearning encapsulates all the best signs and chances that learning will evolve to become more flexible and tailored than is currently imaginable. As a result, we will ALL benefit as we grow collectively smarter.