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In : News Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 24 Oct 2016

Few education professionals would deny that a revolution in teaching has started relatively recently, or at least within living memory… and it has continued to accelerate relentlessly until we find ourselves now smack in the middle of the most exciting and progressively evolving time in the history of education and learning.  Stepping back and tracing where we’ve come from and stand now in the midst of this change provides some clues for the future and how we can take full advantage of the new approaches, technics, and tools spreading through the education world.  Keeping up is standing still.  Anticipating, preparing and embracing what’s next will ensure our students’ future success.

We’re all familiar with the so-called ‘traditional classroom’ model of institutionalised education with its rows of desks, teacher lecturing at a blackboard/whiteboard, homework exercise books and huge final exams.  Many are also familiar with the outright inappropriateness this model offered a huge minority of learners with faster or slower abilities and aptitudes.  Bored and under-challenged students were underserved by teachers pre-occupied with the troublemakers, and slower students were also neglected and discouraged by inevitable exam failures.  Its a rigid and grim image which nonetheless spewed out billions of schoolchildren with wildly varying degrees of success for centuries.

The thing that’s changed of course, as it has changed every aspect of our waking lives, is online.  The digital revolution since the 70’s and 80’s heated up with the Web in the 90’s and Social and Mobile in the naughties.  Riding the tide of these society-changing waves has led a few luminaries to utterly rethink what’s possible in education to fulfil the dream of EVERY student receiving the same: optimised learning paths which ensure we’re all equipped to become our best-actualised selves during school years and for the rest of our lives.

As with any societal shift, the advent of Modern Learning Systems is neither easy or smooth, with pitfalls and the occasional wrong turn along the way. However, unstoppable technical trends and growing ecosystem of effortless, almost invisible technologies will continue to change education in the following key ways:

• Learner engagement evolves from just :

Classtime and desktop access


always on, 24/7, in pocket, just-a-touch-away, informal, multi-speed, multi-platform and social… learning

What it means for you: increasingly expect to be less the teacher and more the coach and guide for their learning through this new knowledge wonderscape.
  • Both students and teachers have access to tools growing from:
Simple search and email notifications


Browse Catalogs, Faceted Search, Individual Development Plans, Dynamic Recommendations, Learning Paths, Learner/Manager Dashboards, Email/Text/Mobile Notifications, Ratings and Reviews, Badges/Leaderboards
What it means for you: Limitless possibilities to make your teaching smarter, and your students’ learning self-driven, social and boundless… with better results.
  • Learning Content and managing it has evolved from:
Simple, rapid authoring tools, SCORM, instructor-led


Sophisticated authoring tools with media library and testing functions and management of that content available through any device. Content is part of learning and workflow management tools including ongoing review
What it means for you: Easily publish and share your course’s knowledge with your students, automatically testing and accrediting them along the way – teachers become coaches for the students by guiding and tweaking their learning with help from deep learning analytics.

For Film and Media learners and educators of all ages and abilities, see how Quickclass is already delivering most of the Modern Learning System features mentioned in this article.  Its now simpler than ever to reap all the benefits the digital age is bringing for a tailored and best education possible for every student.