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It’s not uncommon to hear award winners thank their old teachers in their acceptance speeches. Teachers have the ability to inspire entire generations and fictional educators are no exception.

Here are the top 9 fictional teachers from film that continue to inspire with every quotable line.

9 – Entre les murs’ François Marin

Entre les murs tells the story of a Parisian teacher who initially finds difficulty relating to his diverse class. Marin ends up adapting his teaching style to fit each of his students, understanding their background and tailoring his curriculum so that it relates to them.

8 – X-Men’s Charles Xavier

Activist, educator, and father figure to many, X-Men’s Charles Xavier personifies everything one would wish to get out of a teacher. Played by both Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy, Xavier’s teaching doesn’t limit itself to the classroom as he constantly inspires his students by standing up for mutant rights as well as offering them a home where they can be themselves.

7 – The History Boys’ Douglas “Hector”

The History Boys follows eight working class students as they work alongside their history teacher to fight for a chance to attend Oxford or Cambridge. The late Richard Griffiths portrays the patient and inspiring teacher hoping to land the boys into the country’s top universities, not only teaching what they need for their entrance exam, but also what they’ll need in life.

6 – School of Rock’s Dewey Finn

Jack Black’s Dewey Finn is one of the most inspirational and relatable teachers to grace cinema screens. Creative and off-beat, Dewey’s greatest strength as a teacher is treating his students like equals, allowing them to feel welcome. Besides inspiring his students to follow their own path, Dewey finds inspiration from his class as well.

5 – Star Wars’ Yoda

Although maybe not the clearest in his methods, Yoda’s wisdom speaks for itself throughout George Lucas’ Star Wars films. Part mentor, part teacher, Yoda is brilliant at encouraging his students, a trait most teachers strive to master.

4 – Matilda’s Miss Honey

Most of us fear calling a teacher ‘mum’ in class but with teachers like Matilda’s Miss Honey it’s almost impossible not to. Miss Honey finds a way to connect with each of her students, acting as a mother figure for her entire class, her kindness and generosity a warm welcome for everyone.

3 – The Karate Kid’s Mr. Miyagi

If there is one movieland teacher that has continued to inspire screenwriters while also allowing for hilarious caricatures throughout film and television it is Mr. Miyagi. Miyagi’s teaching methods focus on the basics to allow his students to find their own way to grow, inspiring their journey.

2 – Harry Potter’s Albus Dumbledore

The entire Harry Potter franchise is filled to the brim with inspiring and talented teachers but headmaster Albus Dumbledore is definitely the cream of the crop. Dumbledore never fails to make time for his students, despite his responsibilities outside of Hogwarts, which only emphasise his talents. Although you may disagree with his methods, it’s impossible to deny that Dumbledore’s lessons make a huge lasting impression.

1 – John Keating

When Robin Williams passed away in 2014, many educators voiced how his beautiful portrayal of John Keating in Dead Poets Society inspired them to teach. John Keating is the epitome of a wonderful teacher, inspiring his students to push their boundaries and find their own voice amongst the crowd. John Keating makes a lasting impression in his students’ life and Williams’ performance only accentuates this.

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