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In : News Comments : 0 Author : Quickclass Team Date : 22 Aug 2016

After a summer of almost undreamed of Olympic success for Team GB, capitalise on the excitement we’ve all shared by immediately inviting your students to engage their creative narrative skills straight off the bat for the new school year!

This exercise’s Goal is for each small group (3-4) of students to produce a faux news report on the Gold Winning performance of an Imaginary Olympic Sport of their choosing. So encourage imaginations to run wild with examples like (but not including): Pillow Fighting, Hopscotching, Bus Chasing, Snapchatting, or Water Ballooning… It can be anything that can be vaguely competitive!

The students should be instructed to make the sports-news report film as close as possible to the format of the dozens of sports stories we’ve each watched on the Beeb this summer, playing close attention to: narration style, colours in studio and ‘on-track’, camera movements. editing cuts between presenter and competition footage.

Students should be started on the exercise in class, and then encouraged to shoot and edit so that the final films can be shared in the classroom 2 weeks later.

Bonus Step: All Faux-Olympic Films are loaded onto the Quickclass m-VLE and a Ballot is opened to find the favourite film, with each student recording their. Encourages the filmmakers to share their work outside of class with family and friends and vote for their films via the Apps or special webpages.

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