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Need some inspiration for your latest shoot? Or just looking for some reading material? Aren’t we all. One of the best ways of finding that inspiration is in the stories or expertise of others, but the problem is, that everyone and their mum has a blog these days. So how do you find the best of the bunch?

Look no further! Feel free to check out our list of twenty top filmmaking blogs, for hints and tips on cameras and camera angles, and to help kick start your career


Stephen Follows’ personal blog is one of the best websites for filmmakers looking for insight into the movie industry. We liked his recent post on 49 interesting facts about filmmaking in the UK. Apparently, the BFI awarded more than £1million to short films in 2012- where can we get some of that?!



Chris Jones’ blog, at the aptly named, is a great resource: he features articles on making a ‘killer’ pitch, as well as how to make low budget horror movies. And if you’re in the mood to kill some time, he regularly posts blogs on top film quotes and filmmaking tips. He puts out loads of general tips that are great for anyone looking for top filmmaking blogs.



nofilmschools-Ryan isn’t a personal blog- it’s much more than just a blog! They have forums on any number of filmmaking topics too. But their blog is a great way of keeping up to date with all the latest releases and latest conferences, as well as finding out facts about things from filming on a smartphone to the movie industry at large.



We love Indiewire- it’s one of the best websites for filmmakers. They’re constantly being updated with posts on both TV and film. We really liked their post not too long ago, which put together 30 (thirty!) moviemaking tips from ‘the best directors working today’. Richard Linklater thinks that the key to good filmmaking lies in storytelling. Who knew?



Filmmaker Magazine’s online blog can keep you up to date with all the latest news and releases. Their piece on George Romero’s death not long ago, not wanting to miss a trick, talked about what’s next for zombie movies in the Age of Trump. You just can’t get away from politics these days! But seriously, check them out, they’re one of the best filmmaking blogs on our list.



PREMIUMBEAT’s blog- known simply as The Beat- is great for checking out the latest tech. One of their latest posts takes a look at RED Cameras and HYDROGEN. Another post of theirs we really liked is on how to stop expensive gear from overheating- they really do cover every conceivable topic, eh?



Cinema5dCinema 5D are another site that specifically covers the latest advancements in filmmaking tech: cameras, DSLRs and the like. But aside from that, they are host to a range of guest bloggers on topics like cinematic filmmaking tutorials. They also put out really in-depth reviews of the latest filmmaking equipment, too. Worth checking out if you’re a tech head.



Philip Bloom’s personal blog is another cracker. Bloom is a world renowned filmmaker, having been a part of the industry for almost thirty years. He really loves Canon DSLRs, so expect to see some love for Canon in his blog! Aside from that, he posts about all sorts. It’s great to get some insight from an older head in the industry.



Moviemaker’s blog, like many others here, is the host of a dozen or more guest bloggers who each contribute on various topics. If you didn’t know, Moviemaker Magazine is a leading movie making magazine (yes, really) over in the U.S. You might not see it on every shelf over here, but you can still subscribe- although if you don’t want to fork out £6 a month for the privilege, check out their insightful blog instead.



Film-IQFilmmakerIQ is one of the most interesting sites on this list. Every single one of their posts has a cutesy header image, made especially, featuring two little cartoon puppets… It’s difficult to describe but still do their site justice! Anyway, check out their blog, because they cover all sorts- why filmmaking is becoming more important in schools and ‘the treachery of expectations’.



Filmmaking Stuff is a great site for anyone interested in resourceful filmmaking and self publishing. You can use their blog to find hints on how to set and meet your own filmmaking targets, using your smartphone to film, and whether you’re likely to be replaced by a robot any time soon. The blogs are normally courtesy of Jason Brubaker.



NoamNoam Kroll’s top filmmaking blogs are for anyone wanting to improve their shooting skills. Noam is a filmmaker out in L.A., and his blog is for all his thoughts on the industry and shooting on a micro-budget. We just wish he’d update more often, because his tips make his blog one of the best filmmaking blogs we found.



Dave is Dave Dugdale’s site all about turning from an amateur filmmaker to a pro. Dave actually calls himself an advanced amateur, which is probably not quite fair to him! He’s great at what he does, and you can see how he tries to recreate professional shots with his own equipment.


NewsShooter is a website mainly geared towards film journalists, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth checking out no matter your background. They regularly feature new hardware and software that you might find useful, too. They recently reviewed their experience at Cine Gear Expo, and are one of the best filmmaking blogs for filmmaking tech.



VashiVisualsVashi Visuals is a website dedicated to low budget filmmaking, and we mean dedicated! It’s the personal website of Vashi Nedomansky- a defector from Cold War Czechoslovakia, turned ice hockey pro, turned video editor of fifteen years. Quite the life story, huh? It’s worth checking out just to learn about Vashi!


The Filmmaker’s Process is a really useful resource for the filmmaking amateur. Robert Hardy writes on a range of topics, from guides on how to make a profit from freelance filmmaking to advice on how to conquer the fear that goes along with it. He also writes in depth about his own personal filmmaking journey, which is quite compelling.



IndieTipsIndie Tips has it all! It’s a blog which covers everything you would want from websites for filmmakers, including cinematography, writing, editing, video and directing – practically anything you could think of! You can find tutorials for the latest filmmaking software, film reviews, tips on creating good characters and much, much more.



Agnes Films is a site dedicated to supporting women and feminist filmmakers. The website is named after Agnès Varda, a French filmmaker. As pointed out on the website, filmmaking has historically been a male-dominated profession – this blog aims to change that! Amongst other things, they post interviews with female writers and directors, reviews of films directed or written by women, and general filmmaking advice.



mentorlessNathalie Sejean of Mentorless has a unique perspective – she believes that we can learn about filmmaking and storytelling from everyone and everything in the world. As long as you have a curious mind and a “DIY spirit”, you can become a filmmaker. Nathalie publishes one of the best filmmaking blogs out there, featuring interviews, anecdotes, guides and tips on the filmmaking process.


jonreiss-bioJon Reiss is an award winning filmmaker who has directed and produced a number of feature films, short films and music videos for well-known artists. It’s a privilege to be able to get a glimpse into his mind via his personal blog. As well as stories of his own life and personal experiences, he posts film reviews and advice on making an impact in the world of filmmaking.


So what can we take from this list of the mighty?

There really is a blog out there for everyone, isn’t there? We’re blessed with our internet access- no generation before us has had as much insight at their fingertips! If you can’t find some technical tips and career-boosting ideas in these twenty blogs, then perhaps there are other subjects which you’d prefer out there?

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