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Whether you’re a school teacher, homeschool teachers, university professor, or private tutor… everything you need is just a touch away.

If you’re looking for a platform to enhance your traditional education with the use of online services and tools, then we will help you to meet your goals by making everything available, all the time, for teaching film and media.

Quickclass Virtual Film and Media Teaching Software and App offer school teachers and private tutors the following benefits:
  • Easy-to-use Software and App.
  • Quick and easy classroom management.
  • Create Reusable Content: Create Once Use Often.
  • Reinforce learning by constant access to materials which will improve student Exam Success Rates.
  • Unlimited space to share and manage your teaching content in the cloud – including film clips, images, weblinks, texts and even quizzes on your learning materials.
  • Tutorials with Testing and Badges empower you to instantly access each Student’s progress through your course’s learning materials.
  • Message Boards where you and your students can discuss homework instructions, project details, shared clips and tutorials, student’s questions, your feedback… all easily shared and instantly accessible here.
  • Share Student Films – All the course work your class has created, from initial exercises to final films, in one place and accessible to any student at any time.
  • Share Reference Films – All the clips you require to share and support your students’ learning. Upload once and share with your classes. You can also share your reference clips with other Film and Media educators.
  • Class Calendars for sharing important course milestones, like project due dates, when mock and real exams begin, and when results will be published.
  • Secure realtime one-to-one communication with students as well as whole groups.
  • Everything the group/class needs access to… Anytime and from anywhere.

“Quickclass is a very powerful tool which makes it a lot easier for Media teachers to adopt flipped classroom strategies. I look forward to the steady flow of new tools and features on the platform, many of which are the direct results of my and my students’ feedback to the software’s creators. Quickclass has the potential to genuinely boost how I share and help my students learn.”

Phil Dyas, Head of Film and Director of Learning at Dunraven School

How Film and Media Educators can benefit from our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  • Absolutely Free to try for a month – Discover for yourself that Quickclass is the best thing to hit film and media education this decade. No credit card required to try.
  • Cost effective virtual classroom solution. Give unlimited classes and share unlimited content. Costs less than £1 per student/month.
  • Its easy, No training required. But In case you need support we’re here 24/7·
  • It takes less than 2 minutes to start and join your online class, no technical skills required.