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Quickclass Virtual Film Learning Environment which fits your needs


Do you want to be the part of the digital education era, where classes can be technology driven and learner centric? Quickclass virtual Film learning software/app allow students more freedom to create, experiment, explore and steer the class. It will not only improves the way you learn, but will also help you to reach to your full potential


Apps and Web platform

Flexibility of

‘Anytime and Anywhere’ Access

Access to Film making Tutorials

by one of the UK's leading Film Educators.

Quickclass lets you connect

with other learners in real time during learning and training sessions, on-the-go with Apps on any mobile device.

Students can either work their way

through the tutorials in their own time, or refer to notes and exercise instructions within the App.

Message boards

on Quickclass allows students to ask questions and discuss learning film with their peers.

Students can self-assess,

and monitor their progress all in one place.

“Quickclass is a very powerful tool which makes it a lot easier for Media teachers to adopt flipped classroom strategies. I look forward to the steady flow of new tools and features on the platform, many of which are the direct results of my and my students’ feedback to the software’s creators. Quickclass has the potential to genuinely boost how I share and help my students learn.”

Phil Dyas, Head of Film and Director of Learning at Dunraven School


Why Quickclass is the perfect Virtual Film Learning platform for you:
  • Specifically designed to learn about film and filmmaking.
  • You don’t need a teacher – you set your own learning goals.
  • Its easy, Free to start.
  • Less than 2 minutes to get going.
  • All-in-one m-learning solution.