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Engage your Teachers & Students with our Virtual Film Teaching Software/App and Improve School Results


Let your learners and teachers access their classes and videos on their mobile devices using our Apps anywhere, anytime. Share course materials via Apps or Web to better achieve teaching goals

Our seamless online teaching and learning platform offers a range of useful tools and the following benefits:

Up and running

straight away


with no hidden costs

Quickclass VLE

provides excellent value for money when school budgets are tight.

Exam Preparation

Teachers can remain in contact to settle concerns via the message board which will not only help to improve exam results but also enhance your school's reputation.

Enhance Traditional Teaching

Use Quickclass as a supplement to traditional teaching methods.

Employing Latest Practices

for the needs of a new generation of learners.

Increase Student Engagement

with real-time communication, discussion boards and content sharing.

Helps Raise Productivity

of both teachers and students.

Save Money on Consumables

No more need for toner cartridges or reams of paper to lose worksheets and results on.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Convenience

Students won't have to struggle with unfamiliar devices, so can login and focus on the learning materials straight away.

“Quickclass is a very powerful tool which makes it a lot easier for Media teachers to adopt flipped classroom strategies. I look forward to the steady flow of new tools and features on the platform, many of which are the direct results of my and my students’ feedback to the software’s creators. Quickclass has the potential to genuinely boost how I share and help my students learn.”
Phil Dyas, Head of Film and Director of Learning at Dunraven School


Why Quickclass is the perfect Virtual Learning Environment for Film Schools
  • Online teaching tool that learners, instructors and administrators will love.
  • Installing our software and App is straightforward and easy. We’re, compatible with any web platform, Android or iOS device.
  • Takes less than 2 minutes to start and join your online classes, no technical skills required.
  • Cost effective virtual classroom solution for your school. Quickly start with a Try-Before-You-Buy Account. No credit card required.