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As technology developed educational institutions recognised there would be growing expectations by the new tech savvy generation for resources to be readily available on the Internet. Quickclass has emerged as one of the front-running virtual Film learning environments.

Here are the few reasons to know Why Choose Quickclass:

  1. Whether you are an administrator, educator or learner, you will find Quickclass easy to use due to its graphical user interface which we are all familiar with.
  2. Unlike other Virtual platforms we are not focusing on enormous courses, our niche is only Film education industry. Everything we do is focused only on helping Film and Media teachers to teach, and film learners to learn.
  3. Quickclass is designed to help schools raise standards and educators in delivering targeted learning.
  4. Our virtual learning and teaching platform is packed with full of essentials features that will enhance your school’s productivity.
  5. It helps students learn more independently and collaboratively with teachers and peers.
  6. Unlike other Virtual platforms, Quickclass offers White labelling. Quickclass is not only available in web browser but also accessible through Android and IOS.
  7. There are many virtual tools available on the web where teacher has to populate the course material for their students but on Quickclass, James Fair has created eighty 20-30min Tutorials on Practical Filmmaking (30) and Film Theory and History (50), each with their own testing and Badges for accreditation.
  8. As filmmakers are central to the platform and its content, a Makers directory allows learners to explore the creativity of specific film industry luminaries, as well as other student creators. Encourages exploration and discovery.
  9. In order to strengthen our mission to become the perfect platform for film education worldwide, Quickclass works closely with our partners and teaching institutions to develop the best possible combination of tools and features for their programs.

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