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Complete eLearning Solutions and Service


online Teaching

If you need a student-centred, personalised, cloud-driven learning management system to deliver your coures in a way that encourages deep learning, Quickclass will guide your setup and course design, offer you learners full support 24/7, and help you decipher their results to continuously improve and accelerate everyone’s knowledge of your subject.


Professional training

Quickclass is a next generation online learning platform that helps companies accelerate their employees training, cost-effectively. We help you develop engaging courses, track your learners progress, and ensure results align with your organisation’s goals.


Quickclass is the creation and passion of a team of dedicated educators, designers & developers (creatives all!) who want to empower educators and learners around the world to coach and learn better than they’ve ever been able to before.

Quick and easy

to Setup and Maintain, make learning frictionless

Cloud-based LMS

Available Anywhere, 24/7.

Full Mobile Support

Learn through iOS, Android Apps or the Web

Fully Customized

and branded for your organisation




How we can transform your eLearning

StJohn Smith


Despite the technical marvels that continue to transform most areas of our lives, how we best harness tech to transform how we teach and learn still has a long way to go.

At Quickclass, we believe in removing obstructions to frictionless learning, and working hand in hand with our partners to deliver the most engaging, enjoyable and effective learning boosted by tech imaginable.

We’ve poured years of innovation, imagination and user requests into Quickclass, and look forward to applying the fruits of these efforts towards Accelerating Learning for you!

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