Testimonials from clients we’re helping

Your own app

Within a week, your learners can download your branded app, direct to their mobile device. Use video, audio, text, imagery to teach and test using multichoice or freeform text.

The feedback loop

Comment on and analyse your student’s work with our unique feedback loop. Reinforce your personal connection with your learners and gain a deeper understanding of students behaviour, progress and results.

Enhance your courses

With mLearning built into to your teaching or training, you will reach a wider audience and strengthen your relationship with your learners and as you provide learning resources before, during and after courses.

Support as you grow

We recognise that mLearning is an ongoing and evolving endeavour. We treat all our clients as long term partners. Our scalable system is designed to grow with your needs.

Our pricing

There’s no set up fee, and to keep things really simple we have a tiered monthly subscription plan and a sliding scale fee that depends on the number of learners or courses.

Next steps

Download the app and give it a go. We offer a complimentary opportunity workshop to all potential client partners in order to better understand how we can help you improve your offering with mLearning.

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