What is Quickclass?

Quickclass is a virtual learning platform for everyone who wants to learn or teach film and media subjects, offering many tools to boost learning.

How does it work for Schools, Organisations or Institutions?

Film Schools or Organizations can recommend Quickclass to their staff, where administrators and teachers can easily create accounts for themselves and each learner to start accessing their course’s materials immediately.

How does it work for Teachers?

Teachers create groups for each class and accounts for each student quickly and easily, and can begin sharing course materials straightaway.

How does it work for Learners?

Learners can either work their way through the pre-loaded tutorials in their own time or can recommend the platform to their school teachers to try out in their classes.

How Much Does It Cost to Teachers?

Quickclass is free for teachers to try out with their classes for the first month. After that, they can subscribe to the service for less than £1 per student per month.

Does it cost anything to Students?

For independent learners, Quickclass is free to use, but access to ALL the included tutorials requires one year’s subscription to the service.

Do Schools/Tutors/Teachers/Individual Students need an existing website?

Schools require no existing infrastructure or software to use Quickclass, just smartphones or tablets and a Web connection. Some advanced teacher administration like custom tutorials or film-uploads can only be managed with a web browser.

How Quickclass this improve results?

Quickclass is built on the understanding that having clear full access to EXACTLY the material you need for your course and much improved ways of tracking your learning, can provide great boosts in course enhancement and ultimately exam success.

How is Quickclass different from other Virtual learning Environments?

Unlike other virtual platforms, Quickclass doesn’t try to serve a vast range of subjects, our niche and focus is Film and Media Education.  Quickclass is available primarily through Apps but also through web browsers. Unlike many virtual tools which require teachers to populate the platform with their own course materials, Quickclass offers a range of preloaded learning materials.  Respected film educators like James Fair of Bournemouth University have created dozens of Tutorials on Practical Filmmaking and Film Theory and History, each with their own Quizzes and Badges for trackable accreditation on Quickclass Platform.