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Personalised Service for your Needs

Quickclass recognises most importantly that all Educators are NOT the same. You are ALL unique, with your own values, goals and ideas about what the learning priorities should be for your programs and courses.

Quickclass works closely with each of our partners and clients to provide, support and continue to deliver the perfect LMS for each of your unique needs. Our users' individual success is our shared success.

Ease of setup and ease of use

When making the leap to a digital Learning Management System, it’s essential that any hinderance to hitting the ground running is eliminated. Quickclass works individually with our educator partners to get you up and running as quickly and frictionlessly as possible.

This also means supporting your and your learners’ use of our services, 24/7. If anything is not working as expected, we’re on hand to help and continuously improve the platform to serve you better and as intuitively as possible.

Scheduling and Content Delivery

Our publishing tools have been custom developed to empower you to structure and deliiver your learning materials as engagingly as possible.

PDF handouts are the past. Film and audio enriched tutorials with embedded testing, delivered from the cloud through handy mobile apps, are the future and increasingly the present. You can nudge and encourage learners to being actively engaged at every step of your courses.

Hosting & Streaming Your Audio and Video Content

Quickclasses’ origins were in film and media education, so our media management tools are unparalleled. Uploading, cataloging, organising and embedding media in tutorials can’t be easier.

Learners can stream all this rich content to a variety of devices, either through our dedicated smartphone and tablet apps or any web-browser. Essentially, your learning materials will never be as engaging.

Keeping your Learning Community Connected

Even remotely, learners are more likely to succeed as part of a group, all learning together. Quickclass offers group Message Boards, the potential to offer feedback on each others’ work, and collaborate on learning projects together.

Video feedback tools are coming soon, tapping into the potential that smartphones now offer learners and educators alike.

Progress Tracking

After preparing and publishing your courses and learning materials and unleasing them on your learners to engage with, its essential to complete the circle by tracking their progress.

Quickclass provides educators with the tools to easily do this. Through Tutorials completed, Films watched, Quizzes answered, Assignments finished and every activity learners choose to do and when, you can track that progress and identify who needs the most help and encouragement to succeed!

Registration and Group Management

Setting up your learners’ and your account profiles couldn’t be more straightforward. Again, this is where Quickclass works hand-in- hand with our partners, to ensure getting you up and running, and your learners also logging in and starting your courses, all happens frictionlessly.

Managing your various Courses and Groups is also intuitive, so you can focus on the business of encouraging learning straight off the bat.

Service Levels and Pricing

Every partner we work with is unique, we can create a plan that works for you.

Service and Pricing

What Makes Us Special

Quickclass combines pleasure-to-use software and services with the human touch of an expert team who will hand-walk you through all the necessary steps to deliver exempliary eLearning services to help your audience LOVE to LEARN.

We work with Extraordinary Training Organisations who delight in having the technical aspects of their eLearning platforms fully taken care of, as well of the guidance and experience required to run successful eLearning courses, and help with interpretting and understanding the results.

Quickclass has the necessary inbuilt tools that help everyone involved. Ranging from yourself, your students as well as the cooperates, all users can access the portal with ease and convenience. Effective eLearning is what we promise. Every business needs to train their customers, partners, employess and vendors. Quickcass LMS can be used in any vertical, by any department.

  • Pleasure-to-us Apps for Learning and build-for-purpose Web IU for Administration
  • Publishes, Delivers and Assesses ILT (Instructor Lead Training) and WBT (Web-based Training) Tasks and Activities
  • Ideal for organisations who seek to expand and develop their training programs digitally, in order to deepen, accelerate and re-ignite a love for learning
  • Learning programs can be for employees, clients, partners, students and other stakeholders – anyone you need to help learn your materials better than ever before, and love doing it.
  • Scalable from the smallest programs to very large training projects. Downloadable Androind and iOS Apps and a scalable cloud-based architecture works for all sizes
  • Turnkey all-in-one whitelabelled solutions which aid you at every step and just work.
  • Easy to use LMS with a modern UI
  • Manages, delivers and tracks instructor led (ILT) and web-based training WBT) activities
  • Organizations can better train their workforce, channels and clients
  • Robust and extendable in order to meet large sized project requirements
  • Mobile-ready, off-the-shelf and fully integrated solution that is scalable

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